Photograph by  Laura Chang .

Photograph by Laura Chang.


Aisyah Zulkarnain is a composer and producer based in Los Angeles, California, who has worked on projects including Ambarien Alqadar's award-winning film Ayesha, James Abrams' Sentinel and Michelle Bao's animated film Steady. Most recently, she was a part of the music team for Walt Disney Pictures' Christopher Robin.

A native of Brunei, Aisyah graduated from the University of Rochester, New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and a Minor in Studio Arts. With a huge passion for scoring for visual media, she has composed and produced soundtracks for films ranging from 2D/3D animation to live-action, and fiction narrative to experimental. After she graduated from the University, she moved to Los Angeles to work at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions and Henry Jackman's Sacred Tiger Music. Aisyah currently works at Arkenstone, Inc. with composer and owner Bryce Jacobs.